What Can a Data Breach Cost You?

It's no secret that identity theft is a stressful problem to have, but do you know just how much a breach of information can cost you or your organization? I'll give you a hint: it's a lot. What are the numbers? According to the Ponemon Institute, the average total cost of a breach in 2016 was $4 million, up 29%…
April 18, 2017

What Do Corporations Owe Breach Victims?

Cyber thieves are successfully stealing masses of customer and employee data from major companies at a dangerous rate. Hackers are running away with information like credit card and Social Security numbers, putting victims at risk of identity theft. Many companies respond to data breaches by providing those affected by the compromise with at least one year of free credit monitoring.…
April 3, 2017

Is Someone Committing Crimes in Your Name?

The Problem You are aware of the resources you can use to locate registered sex offenders in your area, and maybe you’ve taken advantage of those resources when researching your neighborhood. However, these online registries may not be as accurate or as reliable as you hoped because some sex offenders are using identity theft to avoid detection. Sex offenders are…
March 2, 2017

Mobile Device Action Plan – Protecting Your Corporate Network

In this day and age, it’s clear that we live in a world of mobile communication. Whether it was on a phone or tablet, you have sent or received at least one text message, call, or email. Many companies are beginning to see the benefits of mobile communication as it facilitates easy, on-the-go access to important information. However, mobile devices…
February 3, 2017

What to do if your wallet is stolen or lost

You’ve emptied your pockets, retraced your steps, inspected every inch of your car and desk—but despite your best efforts, you’ve lost your wallet. Perhaps it’s somewhere safe where you just didn’t think to look, or maybe some kind stranger will find it and return it to you intact. Hopefully your wallet will show up safe and sound, but you need…
January 9, 2017

Welcome to our new website!

The holiday season is upon us and we thought it was the perfect time to present you a gift! We’ve listened to you and now we’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on for some time. It is with great pride and joy that we present a brand new look to our iLOCK360 website. We believe the changes we made…
November 11, 2016