Identity theft protection at your fingertips

These days, it’s not about if you will become a victim of identity theft—it’s about when it will happen. With iLOCK360, you can rest assured that your credit profile will be monitored at every second of the day and you will be the first to know if there’s any suspicious activity detected. If the day comes that you become a victim of identity theft, iLOCK360 will be by your side to combat any consequences that may come out of the situation.

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Safeguard your entire family from identity thieves with 24/7/365 monitoring of your data

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Alerts will inform you if your identity is compromised to take immediate action

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If you become a victim, Restoration Specialists will assist you in getting your identity in order

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Your protection begins with proactive CyberAlert℠ surveillance 

CyberAlert℠ is proprietary technology that proactively detects stolen personally identifiable information (PII) and compromised confidential data. Get peace of mind knowing our exclusive technology scours websites, chat rooms and bulletin boards to identify trading or selling of your personal information online. If iLOCK360 discovers any of your information has been shared online, you will receive a notification explaining the details of the concern and allow you to take action.

Some of the features of CyberAlert℠ include:

  • One Social Security number
  • Two email addresses
  • Two phone numbers
  • Five bank accounts
  • Five debit/credit cards
  • Two medical ID numbers

iLOCK360 works hard to make sure you don’t become affected by identity theft like 13.1 million people experienced in 2015

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Step 1: Defend

From the moment you begin your protection, iLOCK360 begins fully monitoring your personal identifiable information. Our cutting-edge software searches the entire web for anything that is related to you and could be potentially harmful. Your credit profile can also be monitored to make sure you’re not a victim of fraudulent activity. We worry about protecting your identity so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Your protection includes:

  • CyberAlert℠ will monitor all your personal identifiable information
  • ScoreTracker will provide relevant information with trends and credit score insight
  • Social Security number trace will inform if your SSN becomes associated with new accounts or other people who are not you
  • Child identity protection will monitor their SSN for fraudulent activity

Step 2: Protect

We believe the best way you can remain fully protected against identity theft is by becoming aware of any change in your credit file. iLOCK360 will alert if you if our systems detect suspicious activity or anything out of the ordinary. Understanding how your information was breached can also help you prepare against future identity theft situations.

Your protection includes:

  • Credit change alerts for inquiries and credit checks
  • Court records monitoring will inform you if your information appears on public court records
  • Jail booking alerts will alert if you if your information appears on jail booking
  • Non-credit loan alerts will let you know if someone tries to open a payday loan under your name
  • Change of address alerts will inform if you anyone tries to associate a new address with your name and credit profile
  • Sex offender alerts will inform if you a sex offender moves into your zip code or if your data is fraudulently registered

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Step 3: Restore

Despite your best effort on preventing identity theft, the possibility of becoming a victim still happening exists. If you ever you face identity theft, you can rest assured that iLOCK360 will be by your side. One of our qualified Restoration Specialists will help you get your life back in order.

Some of the ways iLOCK360 will help you include:

  • Full identity restoration will be performed by an iLOCK360 Certified Identity Theft Restoration Specialist
  • Lost wallet protection will help you replace missing cards and IDs
  • $1 million insurance to cover expenses related to your identity restoration

Ready to begin your protection?

Don’t wait until you’ve become a victim of identity theft to consider getting protection for yourself. Enroll now to begin your iLOCK360 protection today!

Need protection for your employees?

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