Remove Your Name From Robocall Lists

Remove Your Name From Robocall Lists

April 18, 2022

Robocallers access your phone number through all sorts of ways. Here are a few ways you can spot a robocall:

1. Unknown caller and from your area code
2. Robotic voice (computer generated)
3. Threats of arrest
4. Immediate action demands
5. Requesting sensitive information over the phone.

What You Can Do:   

1. Do Not Call Registry
When you register with the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry, you should stop receiving sales calls. You can voluntarily register your phone number and companies must check the list before making sales calls. It is free and your registration does not expire. Just know that some scammers won’t comply with the registry.

2. Call Blocking and Call Labeling
Even if spammers change up their numbers or call you under a false name, you can block numbers as they come. Your phone service may offer to block suspected robocalls automatically or label them as spam.

3. Use Screening Apps
You can download apps such as YouMail or Robokiller to screen your calls.  

4. Report Spam Calls
You can file a complaint with the FTC via the Do Not Call Registry if a sales call is coming to you unsolicited or the caller is harassing you.

5. Don’t Do Anything
As simple as it sounds, a great thing to do is nothing. Interacting with robocalls such as answering, speaking to a live person (even to tell them to stop), or staying on the line will likely lead to more.

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