Safeguard your employees and your school district

Without your knowledge, an employee from your organization may become victim of a security breach or identity theft, leaving your networks vulnerable and exposed. iLOCK360 can help protect the integrity of their identity and in return, your school district.

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What You Can Expect

Payroll system friendly

We can work with your payroll system and make it easy for you to deduct the monthly plan cost from your employee’s paychecks.

Highly competitive pricing

You can offer your employees iLOCK360 at nearly a third of the cost of the next leading identity theft protection provider.

Integration to benefit offerings

We’ll work with you to add iLOCK360 to your existing portfolio of employee benefits using your enrollment process or ours.

Customized plans

Our plan features and pricing are completely customizable. Get as many features as you want and choose partial pay or full pay of the plan.

Multi-layer encrypted system

We’re in the business of protecting your identity so our systems are equipped with world-class technology to keep your data safe.

Excellent customer service

Our customer service agents are based out of our headquarters in Texas, so you and your employees will always receive friendly, professional service.

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Experience you can rely on

When you partner with iLOCK360 to offer protection to your employees, you are joining a family of seasoned professionals that are dedicated to providing you excellent solutions for a great value. We understand the challenges and hesitations school districts face when working with a new vendor, so we promise an Account Executive will always work with you to ensure your satisfaction. Since our company was founded, we have worked with over 100 organizations and have strived to make ensure each client receives a premium experience.

A worthy benefit for your employees

We don’t have to remind you of the challenges and difficulties that individuals all around the world suffer when they become victims of identity theft. From fraudulent debt to legal troubles, the consequences can be severe and hard to deal with. With iLOCK360, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will be there for your employees when they need us. After all, the last thing you want is a distracted employee who is worried about their identity and an employee who has to take time off from work to resolve identity theft issues on their own.

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Looking for enterprise network protection?

It’s no secret that your school district can become the victim of a security breach or hack at any given time. Your employees rely on you to keep their data secure, but how can you defend yourself from threats that originate daily and some you don’t even know about?

We have formed eLOCK360, our exclusive enterprise cybersecurity protection suite, to address this challenge. eLOCK360 provides the world’s largest proactive monitoring solution to protect employee credentials and identify malware infection without network monitoring or installed software.

What you can expect:

  • Threat mitigation as a result of harvesting millions of compromised credentials and IP addresses every month
  • Alerts on any that are found within your email domain or IP address range
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of 500 distinct IRC channels, trading stolen and illicit data
  • Continuous monitoring of 600,000 private websites and forums
  • Processing 600 hacker twitter feeds on a daily basis
  • Executing 10,000 refined search queries daily to specifically identify PII data elements

Ready to learn more?

Get in touch with us so we can begin your free consultation. We can’t wait to help protect your employees and your school.